Investing for the Long Term Francisco García Paramés Edición: WILEY Páginas: 296

            After 25 years investing in the long term, Francisco García Paramés took advantage of two years of compulsory absence to write this book, where he puts order in the experience and in the ideas that have defined his personal way of conceiving investing. The second part of his life will be sustained on this basis, already with a project entirely of his own.
           In the first half of the book he tells his story, his particular experience, specifying the most significant moments, the most important investment decisions and the successes and mistakes that made the journey an intense learning process. In the second half, he makes clear what was behind that career, discovering the intellectual structure, the habits, the values and the convictions that sustained his daily work.
           We are finally offered a clear and structured answer to an essential question: What does it mean to invest? And in doing so, we are offered a possible path. A natural and demanding path. Where in-depth study of reality, reflection, patience and independence of criteria shape a lonely and exciting future.

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